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Sports Injuries Treatment in Kanpur

Sports Injuries:

Orthopaedic surgeons (bones doctor) say sports injuries can appear throughout your body to bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other structures. You can treat many minor injuries at home with rest, ice, compression, elevation, and over-the-counter pain medications. But, some injuries need medical therapy, such as immobilization, physical therapy, and surgery.

What are sports injuries?

Exercise is essential to good health, but people often get hurt when participating in sports or other physical activities. A sports injury involves harm to part of your body due to sports, exercise, or athletic activities.

A sports injury can be acute (sudden) or chronic (develop over time).

    Who might get a sports injury?

    Sports injuries can happen to anyone, especially people who:

    1. Are out of shape.
    2. Don’t wear proper protective equipment.
    3. Exercise without warming up and cooling down.
    4. Participate in contact sports that may involve attacks or clashes.
    5. Take part in activities that involve jumping, running, pivoting, or changing direction quickly.

    What causes sports injuries?

    Sports injuries have many causes, including:

    1. Casualties, such as a fall.
    2. Bad habits with workouts such as not warming up or stretching enough.
    3. Lack of safety equipment or gear that’s harmed or worn incorrectly.
    4. Shoes that don’t fit well or supply enough support.
    5. Sudden start to an exercise program or significant boost in physical activity that your body isn’t used to.

    Symptoms of a sports injury?

    Orthopedic doctor in Kanpur (haddi ke doctor) highlights the signs and symptoms of a sports injury depending on the kind of injury. Common symptoms include:

    1. Aches, pain, or tenderness.
    2. Bruising.
    3. Deformation, such as a bone or joint looking out of place.
    4. Decreased range of motion.
    5. Grinding, cracking, clicking, or popping noise.
    6. Inability to bear weight on your hip, leg, or foot.
    7. Skin that’s warm to the touch.
    8. Stiffness or weakness.
    9. Swelling.
    10. Trouble moving a body part usually.

    How is a sports injury diagnosed?

    To diagnose a sports injury, your orthopedic doctor in Kanpur (bones doctor) performs a physical exam. They’ll ask questions about what happened and what signs you’ve had. They’ll also look at the injured area, possibly testing how it drags.

    Depending on the type of injury you have and how severe it is, your orthopedic doctor in Kanpur also may recommend imaging tests. An X-ray, CT Scan, or MRI can create images of the structures inside your body. The pictures will help your orthopedic doctor in Kanpur (bones doctor) understand, diagnose, and treat your specific injury.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Dr. Raghvendra Jaiswal, The Best Orthopedic Doctor In Kanpur

      How do I know I have a sports injury?

      Symptoms of a chronic disease include increasing pain over weeks or months, pain while using the afflicted body part, inflammation, and weakness.

      Can I treat my sports injury with RICE?

      Rice stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation, which is excellent for the first 48 hours. It will help you to reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling. However, your pain persists for longer than 48 hours, or you notice a loss of range of motion and strength.

      How long will it take to heal my sports injury?

      Healing times vary depending on the injury and the severity of the damage. Generally, the sooner you start receiving care, the sooner your wound will heal.

      What is a sports injury?

      Sports injuries are those injuries to the musculoskeletal system that occur while playing sports and during athletic activities. Sports medicine is the study of injuries to prevent them and reduce their severity of occurrence.

      Do sports injuries frequently require surgical treatment?

      Surgery is done when an injury is severe, in case of repair of torn connective tissues and joint dislocation causing deformity and disability. Most sports injuries do not need any surgery.

      Who treats a sports injury?

      For minor injuries, a general physician and a physiotherapist may be consulted. For severe injuries, an orthopedic doctor in Kanpur who specializes in treating bone and joint diseases is consulted. A physiotherapist conducts a rehabilitation program.


      Should I stretch more to prevent injuries?

      Dynamic warm-up and mobility movements are preferable before sports activities. The type and timing of stretching are essential. Stretching should be used cautiously, as improper use can lead to injury.

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