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Knee Arthroscopy in kanpur

Knee Arthroscopy:

Knee arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure. Orthopedic doctor in Kanpur use knee arthroscopy to diagnose and treat various knee injuries. Your orthopedic doctor in Kanpur makes a small incision and then inserts a long, thin tool with a camera. The camera shows images of the inside of your knee, which helps your healthcare provider diagnose your injury.

What is Knee Arthroscopy?

Orthopaedic surgeons use knee arthroscopy to diagnose and treat various knee injuries. During arthroscopic knee surgery, your orthopedic doctor in Kanpur inserts a tiny camera through an incision. The camera shows the inside your knee. The pictures appear on a screen in the operating room. They help your orthopedic doctor in Kanpur diagnose problems inside of your knee.

Knee arthroscopy is a widespread minimally invasive surgical procedure. Minimally invasive procedures require more minor cuts (incisions) than traditional surgery. The incisions are small, about the size of a keyhole.

To treat injuries or structural problems, your orthopedic doctor in Kanpur inserts tiny tools through another incision. They use the instruments to repair or remove damaged tissue.

    Why do orthopedic doctors in Kanpur use knee arthroscopy?

    Your orthopedic doctor in Kanpur uses knee arthroscopy to:

    Diagnose injuries

    During knee arthroscopy, your orthopedic doctor in Kanpur closely examines any painful or swollen areas. The camera shows pictures of damaged soft tissues and bones. The images help your orthopedic doctor in Kanpur diagnose injuries (or confirm a diagnosis) and plan treatment.

    Repair injured soft tissues and bones

    If you need surgery to repair tendons, ligaments, or cartilage, your orthopedic doctor in Kanpur uses specially designed tools. The camera shows real-time images that guide your orthopedic doctor in Kanpur during the procedure. Your healthcare provider uses tiny instruments to repair and reconstruct soft tissues by stitching them together. They can also (stitch) bones together.

    Remove damaged or inflamed tissue

    Some tiny tools help your healthcare provider shave off damaged bone and cartilage or inflamed tissue (such as the synovium). They use instruments to remove these tissues from your knee.

    What happens during knee arthroscopy?

    During the procedure, your orthopedic doctor in Kanpur:

    • Cleans your leg and secures your knee in a stabilizing device that device ensures that your knee stays in the proper position throughout the treatment.
    • It makes a minor cut in your knee and inserts a long metal tool called an arthroscope into the incision. The arthroscope device has a camera at the end. Pictures from the camera appear on a screen in the operating room.
    • Look at the images on the monitor and use them to diagnose injuries and guide the procedure. If you need surgery, your orthopedic doctor in Kanpur makes other incisions in your knee and inserts tiny tools through them.
    • Repairs torn tissues, shaves off damaged bone or cartilage, and removes inflamed or damaged tissues. Your orthopedic doctor in Kanpur uses specially designed tools for these tasks.
    • Close the incisions with stitches or small bandages and wrap your knee with an enormous dressing.

      Advantages of Knee Arthroscopy

      Minimally invasive treatments like knee arthroscopy usually require less recovery time than traditional surgery. As you only need a few tiny stitches, you’re more likely to get back on your feet more quickly than with conventional surgery. You may also have less pain and a lower risk of infection in your knee.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Dr. Raghvendra Jaiswal, The Best Orthopedic Doctor In Kanpur

      What is Knee Arthroscopy?

      Knee arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure used to diagnose and treat knee problems through a small incision.

      What conditions can Knee Arthroscopy address?

      It can treat various knee issues like torn meniscus, ACL/PCL injuries, cartilage damage, or removal of loose bodies within the knee joint.

      How is Knee Arthroscopy performed?

      Using a tiny camera (arthroscope) inserted into the knee joint, the orthopaedic surgeons visualizes and treats the issue through small incisions.

      Is Knee Arthroscopy a major surgery?

      It’s a minimally invasive procedure, often performed on an outpatient basis, making recovery relatively quicker than traditional open surgery.

      What are the advantages of Knee Arthroscopy over open surgery?

      It involves smaller incisions, reduced scarring, less tissue trauma, and quicker recovery compared to open surgery.

      Is Knee Arthroscopy suitable for all knee problems?

      While it’s effective for many knee issues, some conditions may require different surgical interventions based on their severity.

      What's the recovery period after Knee Arthroscopy?

      Recovery times vary based on the procedure and individual healing, but patients can often resume light activities within a few weeks.

      Are there risks associated with Knee Arthroscopy?

      Complications are rare but can include infection, blood clots, or nerve or blood vessel damage.

      Who performs Knee Arthroscopy?

      Orthopaedic surgeons specializing in knee procedures typically perform knee arthroscopy.

      Can Knee Arthroscopy prevent the need for the knee replacement surgery?

      In some cases, treating knee issues early through arthroscopy can delay or prevent the need for knee replacement surgery.

      Can Knee Arthroscopy be used for sports-related injuries?

      Yes, knee arthroscopy is often used to diagnose and treat sports-related knee injuries like ligament tears or meniscus injuries.

      Is Knee Arthroscopy covered by insurance?

      In many cases, knee arthroscopy is covered by health insurance, but it’s best to consult your insurer to understand coverage details.

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